About Us

Our Story:

At ESUU, our high-quality, slow fashion maternity and nursing clothes are designed to help you feel great about yourself. We create clothes that never go out of style and always make you feel current. We hope that our neutral colours and classic style will make you feel calm, relaxed and confident with your new curves.

Our story began in London where my first child was born. As a young mum I wasn’t feeling very comfortable to breastfeed in public. I couldn’t find any clothing that made me feel confident.

My mission is to make you feel pretty and confident everywhere and anywhere, from staying at home with your baby to going out with or without your child to cherish every moment in your life. Our range of clothes combines classic style with added twist to make you look trendy and feel special.

Who we are today:

ESUU makes comfortable clothing, nightwear for you beautiful mummies. Recently we have added warm and cosy sleeping bags to help you and your little ones sleep better at night.


In our plastic - filled world, avoiding plastic can be pretty challenging. At ESUU we pack our products in plain 100% recycled and recyclable materials, recycled paper. We use natural fabrics and our clothes are made in small and local sewing firms. We are determined to do our part to protect the environment, making small changes that are repeated every day, can change everything, so let’s do it together!